Modern Redesigning of a Detached House

The brief for the project included enlargement of a detached house. The project included a double storey rear extension, loft conversion, internal re-figuration and a porch. In order to comply with the Council’s planning regulations our contemporary intervention had to consider the sensitive approach to the existing fabric and form as well as the requirements of the client to preserve the appearance and the character of the residential architecture in the area.

The planning permission was granted due to the sensitive response to the site and character of the area. The rear extension matched the existing roof in form and material, while the exterior finishes corresponded to the traditional character of brick and render finish.

Internal Layout Design

The new layout of spaces in the dwelling addressed and responded to the client’s needs. The common spaces, such as the play room, lounge and living room were located on the ground floor. The design focused on functionality and connection of spaces. The two most frequently used rooms, the family lounge and kitchen, were placed next to each other to enable circulation between spaces. The design of a spacious kitchen that opens up to the dining area included a modern flat roof with skylight which allows for natural light to enter the space.

The personal spaces such as the bedrooms were placed on the first floor to assure privacy. The arrangement of spaces on the first floor took into consideration the views of the garden, at the rear of the property, to create a connection between the interior and outside surrounding. The placement of the glazing and window openings was designed to match the requirements of the Council. The intervention on the facades through the glazing was approved by the Council, as they viewed it as a contemporary interpretation of the traditional openings of surrounding properties.
Rear side of the property before and after

Front side of the property before and after

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