Extension Architecture helped a client realise their desire to extend their detached home in Epsom and Ewell to better accommodate their growing family. The proposed double storey side extension, loft conversion and porch extension would allow him to gain a master bedroom, convert a kitchen at the front of the house into a living area and to gain a secondary access to the rest of the house via the porch extension.

The client was in quite a unique, but beneficial situation. The detached home was built by the former owners of the neighbouring house but is also situated next to a large area of allotments, making the proposed planning for the side extension much more palatable to the local council. The property is also situated quite far back from the curb of the street meaning that an addition of planting at the front could make the, ordinarily unattractive to councils, porch extension hidden from street view. This was also made more achievable by the similar planting at the front of the neighbouring residence.  


Because of the origins of the home, and the unattractiveness of porch extensions to councils, it was important to match styles between the homes wherever feasible and keep the overall design of the home as much to the existing style as possible.

Utilising natural light was very important to the client which was achieved by doubling the size of the large back doors leading into the garden and by adding a window to the loft conversion. Designer Dominique James wanted the client to feel their original vision was being stuck to as much as possible whilst ensuring that the process of submitting to the local planning authority went smoothly by keeping to the original designs of windows and building materials.