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This client asked us to create a double storey extension and loft conversion for him. Our team created these stunning renders to visualise his proposal. See below for details on what our Immersive Design service can do for you.


The Planning Route

Our planning consultants realized it was preferable for his chances of approval to split the application into two separate ones. One was under Permitted Development and the other was a full planning application. In addition, we went down the Pre-planning Application route for him in order to gain the maximum guidance and create a rapport with the planning officer from the outset.

By selecting one of the top Wandsworth architects, our client was able to enjoy 3 great new living spaces for his family. In addition, the value of his property has significantly increased.

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FAQs with double storey extensions


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Contact a specialist for your double storey extension

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Have you consulted the London architects list to kick-start your project: Dream Home? London architects Extension Architecture are expert at overcoming objections via justifying planning feasibility with our knowledge of all the route options and our rapports with the planning depts in London. EA have worked extensively on double storey rear extensions, loft conversions and double storey side extensions. If you are looking for a residential architect to advise you on your ideas, wondering how much does a basement cost, do call us for indications.


3D Design

A great tool to convince the planning department of the aesthetic blending of a proposal with its surrounding neighbours is our 3D Immersive Design tool. These animated walk-throughs are useful to visualise your project ahead of the build, and are good to show neighbours and family as well as the planning officers. For some examples, please follow the link.





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