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Guide To Finding A Structural Engineer Near Me

When it comes to buying a property or renovating an existing one, the advice of a structural engineer can be invaluable. In this article, we will take a closer look at why you should hire one, what they do and where you can find one.

What Is The Role Of A Structural Engineer?


A structural engineer is an expert in the exterior and structure of a building, and they are adept at determining the durability and strength of a property, and their expertise forms a vital part of the construction process. They can offer advice on safety and building materials as well as providing calculations and specs with regards to the design of the building to your architect in London.

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How Do I Locate A Structural Engineer Near Me?

Most structural engineers in London have experience in working within one field or another of structural engineering, so it is important to hire the right one for your project. For example, if you are about to embark on a home renovation or extension project, then you will need a structural engineer that specialises in residential structural engineering work. Either way, the engineer you hire should be a member of either the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE), or the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE).

In fact, IStructE has a website where you can search for accredited structural engineers near you, otherwise it is a case of using a search engine to find structural engineers in your location.

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What Building Projects Require The Services Of A Structural Engineer?

Typically, anything that will alter the structure of your property will require the expertise of a structural engineer in order to maintain health and safety, as well as avoiding any potential damage occurring. So, you can expect to hire a structural engineer should you choose to modify windows and exterior doors of your property, build a house extension London, remove a chimney stack or breast, remove internal walls, add solar panels and underpin floors.

The engineer will be able to provide you or your contractor detailed calculations and plans that can be used by your architect or builder during renovation work.

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What Else Does A Structural Engineer Do?

As well as being needed for renovations to property, a structural engineer will be able to advise you on common building structure problems such as subsidence, sagging rooflines and ceilings, cracked or bulging walls. The engineer will inspect your property and advise you on what corrective measures will need to be made to solve the problem.

What Else Should I Know About Finding A Structural Engineer Near Me?

The structural engineer you hire needs to have up-to-date Professional Indemnity insurance, plus you need to understand just what you are getting for your money, so it is important that you ask your structural engineer for a detailed rundown of costs before they start.

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Last updated | 3 Aug. 2021

Guide To Finding A Structural Engineer Near Me

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