• Date of obtaining planning: 2015
  • Planning procedure: Single Storey Rear Extension, 3D Visualisation

The project involved a conversion of a semi-detached house in the urban area, into 3 flats consisting of 2 x2 bedroom and 1 x 1 bedroom with existing parking space for 2 cars. The scope of work included internal reconfiguration as well as enlargement through a single storey rear extension.

The spacing between buildings make the rear of the site visible from the neighbouring house as well as the street front. Due to its exposure the requirement for the proposal for the rear extension was to positively enhance the character of the host building and maintain the form, material and massing. The design process focused on exploration of roof form that is subordinate to the host building. The final design for the extension included a flat roof that aimed to prevent clashing with the existing roof and to minimise the volume and height of the extension. The lantern skylights that provide natural light to the living spaces are hidden behind an external wall hence not visible from neither streetscape nor the neighbouring house. The proposal blends in with existing brick work, and presents coherence with the traditional construction method of external cavity walls, with a cavity of 100mm in between 10mm block work. The sitting and scale of the extension is unobtrusive and sympathetic to the local neighbourhood.

Any alteration to the existing fabric was limited to the rear of the property. The access to new apartments is from the existing staircase hence the building requires very little structural modification.

The internal reconfiguration allowed for all habitable rooms to have access to natural light and ventilation through window openings and skylights. The bathrooms placed along solid party wall are provided with mechanical ventilation.

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