Use Class A1

Which uses does Class A1 cover?


One of the most common use classes is A1 use which is for shops and general retail. However, A1 use class does also cover Post offices, sandwich bars, hairdressing salons, travel agents, ticket agents, funeral directors, drycleaners & alterations, and hire shops.


Have a look at the list of uses on the Planning Portal
for more details.

Some of the A1 planning applications which Extension Architecture has done have been for refurbishments and new shop fronts to existing A1 shops. Others have been from A3 use (restaurants) to A1 retail use, and vice versa. At Extension Architecture, we have done many change of use applications from one of the various classes to another.

Here is an example of one of our A1 Use Class applications.


Follow the link in the text above or click the picture for more information about this project.

retail project in hammersmith for paragraph on A1 class use

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