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I want to excavate/dig to create a basement level, do I need Planning permission?

We know that in London the value of land p/sqm is increasing day by day, and squeezing as much floor space out of your property will result in the best gain for you. So if you can’t go upwards, why not go down?

Over the past year or so, we have found that this type of extension is becoming more and more common, which is why we feel that we are leading the way in terms of our planning services for this type of application, with our tailored package specifically for basement extensions, see our pricing pages for more details.

Basement extensions is probably the most expensive way to add floor space to your home, excavation can cause the opposite of underpinning – undermining to your own and neighbouring property’s foundations, so it is imperative that you us experts like Extension Architecture that have dealt with these types of scenarios before, to draw up details construction plans so your contractor can successfully complete the build.

Planning permission is most certainly needed, and depending on the council a Non generic basement construction method statement, Daylight Survey and Parking Survey are all required, all of which Extension Architecture are experienced in dealing with.



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