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A new-build home is a big deal for investors and owner-occupiers alike, and with lots of back-land developments popping up all over London & Surrey thanks to the UK Government taking a more relaxed stance in order to boost housing supply, there is no time like the present to see how much investment potential your plot holds!


Our architects in London can save you thousands of pounds, from feasibility studies and obtaining planning permission all the way through to construction and internal fit-out. Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of all stages of the new-build process, our team is . With local, vetted builders on hand to give competitive quotes also, we are a truly one-stop shop, giving you the upper hand and a hands on approach at every single stage of your project.


With strict policies to consider, including borough-specific guidance, green belt designations, and conservation/heritage designations, obtaining permission for new homes is no easy feat, and whether you are looking to replace your existing property or build upon a garden plot, the importance of working with a local, experienced architect and planning consultancy is unparalleled. 


If you are considering a backland development or new build project, take a look at our news page and our recent New Build case studies to see how we could help you!

Planning Permission for Self Build Homes

If you are one of the lucky individuals who own or have the necessary funds to purchase a large piece of land, or even if you simply have a large garden, you may unknowingly be sitting on a potential goldmine investment opportunity!

In the most recent release of the London Plan, council’s are beginning to stress over the importance of providing additional, high-quality family homes to meet the ever growing population. Whether this is high-end, one-off self builds, or larger developments of affordable housing, many areas have become known as “areas of potential intensification,” making it easier than ever to venture into a new self build home project.

In our recent article Tips & Tricks to Build a New Home in your Garden we take you through the most important considerations when designing your new build home, summarised as the elements you MUST contemplate if you want your local planning authority to understand why certain decisions have been made, and ultimately grant you planning permission for new builds.

Most notably, these are:


  • Space standards for low cost self build homes
  • Right to light & privacy of neighbours
  • Car/bicycle parking & refuse storage
  • Sustainable & considerate design


Frequently Asked Questions about New Build

In the UK, homeowners report the average cost to build a new house to be in the region of £300K+. A 2,000 square foot home (which has approximately 3 bedrooms) would therefore cost £150 per square foot. Many factors can influence this cost, such as the materials used or the grade of the property’s interior fit-out. Using this number as a guide, the costs could range between £250K and £350K. A 4,000 square foot home (which has approximately 5 bedrooms) would cost: £500-600K @ £150 per square foot.

Construction times normally depend on how big and complex the project is. A big house can easily take up to 16 months to build. However, the complexity and square meterage of the design are not the only aspects that will impact construction times. Difficult weather conditions and design changes can also lead to longer construction times. It is key that you choose the right team of people to take you through the construction stage to obtain the best end result. At Extension Architecture we have years of experience in liaising with builders and contractors.

If you are looking to build your dream home you will need structural calculations and an experienced engineer to produce technical drawings. Our engineers have experience of designing structures using steel, concrete, glass, timber and aluminium, they are aware of market conditions and advice on the appropriate design of a particular project.

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