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How Do I Get Planning Permission To Build A House?

If you want to build a new home as an owner or a developer, you will have to get planning permission. Obtaining planning permission is a complicated task that requires you to conduct lots of research, write, and design, and gather lots of information. So how do you go about the process of getting planning permission? What is defined as a new build house? A new build house is a residential building that wasn’t there before in any form or shape. The definition covers the following kinds of structures: Founda ...

What is a Change of Use

  Change of use from A1 retail to D2 studio gym (2,400 square feet.)   If you wish to apply for a change of use of a premises, you may need planning permission from your LPA. However, permission will not be needed if your existing and intended use fall within the same class or range of classes, see class list in the table below. Also certain changes of use are permitted without applying for permission, as also shown in brief in the second table below.   Use Classes Uses for buildings are classed in the or ...
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