The scheme included a change of a use of an existing building in Sutton. The project required a planning permission, as the existing and proposed uses fall within a different class, from A1 (a shop) to D2 (Martial Arts Studio) and D1 (Clinic). The brief specified the following program: café with a waiting area, an acupuncture clinic, an office and a training studio.

The proposed layout and division of the interior spaces took into consideration accessibility as well as hierarchy of importance. The sizes of spaces reflect their importance: the training studio as the most significant is the largest. The use of materials and interior finishes suits the spaces’ function and atmosphere.  The proposal includes mirrors placed on walls of the training area to meet the needs of potential users.  Frosted glass was used in the clinic to achieve a greater degree of privacy, and to create an environment suitable for relaxation and tea consumption.

The planning application for the change of use was successful due to a detailed Transport Assessment Report as part of pre-application stage for the project. It justified the chosen location for the facilities. The site is located in Sutton, close to public transportation: bus and tram network, hence allowing the community easy access to the facilities and limiting the need for car transportation and parking spaces on the site.

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