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Planning Application FAQs

In the UK, the aesthetics of building works are controlled by local planning authorities. Not all countries have these controls, and the result here is that the character and features of an area are protected and retained.
Factors affecting planning permissions.
What is a planning application?
What are the types of applications can be submitted?

Retrospective Planning Permission FAQs

Some people build first then apply later; others are unaware that they needed planning permission until the officer knocks at their door. We can help you apply for retrospective permissions where needed.

About Permitted Development FAQs

Because of the shortage of housing stock, planning departments have relaxed their rules regarding simple developments. We can tell you if your build will be a permitted development or needs full permission.

Use Classes FAQs

The various use classes for buildings, and changing to another proposed use class.


Our Services FAQs

EA has planning consultants and architects, and have made 1400+ planning applications. We also do Building Regulations, Tender Packs, Contract Administration, and Interior Design. We commission technical services externally e.g. structural engineers or party wall surveyors.

Our Process FAQs

Our architectural designers consult with the site survey technician, then liaise with the client throughout the design process. Once you sign off the drawings, they make the submission on your behalf.
Self-measurement surveys
Uploading to the website
Making amendments to draft drawings
Liaising with the council
Final Drawing and posting

Building Regulations FAQs

Every council has a Building Control department whose role is to make sure all building works are safe and that the materials used are appropriate for the purpose. a) Does my project need building regulation approval? b) What building types do not require building regulations? c) What are Building Regulations? d) What is building control, and why do we need it?

Interior Design FAQs

A professional interior design not only improves the flow of movement and your enjoyment of the living space but also adds value to your property.

Change of use FAQs

Some changes of use fall under permitted development and others need a full planning application. We can advise you regarding the feasibility of a proposed change of use, subject to your local trends and planning policies.
Use Class A1

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