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We at Extension Architecture specialising is providing planning drawings, which is the core of our business, however what make us special is that we have the facility and man power to go further than just planning drawings.

Aside from the part that we provide expert basement conversion/extension drawings, where you can rest assure that you will receive fully compressive drawings to planning application standard. We also provide the next step of a planning service – the construction of the proposal:

  • We provide special bespoke price packages if you want us to ‘design and build’ your proposal
  • Basement planning and build specialists
  • Architectural Drawings and Interior design specialist
  • Friendly In House team that can deal with any planning inquiry, instead of being passed around to different companies, with us all your queries will be handle in one place.
  • Landscape design and planning
  • High quality 3d Visualisations to get a realistic render of the proposed design.



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