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Rules For House Extensions In 2020

If you are planning on building an extension, then you need to know what the rules are for building. However, don't let this detract you from choosing to build an extension. You just need to be aware of the rules in place, so you can build the extension you have always wanted. We are going to summarise the key factors you need to think about when it comes to building an extension.

Architect’s fee scale in the UK in 2020

Are you considering hiring an architect but are unsure how much it will cost? There is no black and white answer to how much an architect will cost as an architect's fee will vary depending on the size and nature of the project. An architect will usually clearly define their fees before starting a project, or they will charge by the hour. There is no standard UK architect fee, so it is advisable to discuss payment with an architect before hiring them for a project.