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Our Ultimate Guide to Greenbelt Planning Loopholes in 2022

The Metropolitan Greenbelt is a special land designation introduced by the UK government in 1935 as a national planning policy setting out strong guidelines that aim to protect the UK countryside against urban sprawl and overdevelopment. Whilst the majority of people will usually refer to, “the greenbelt,” there are actually quite a few of them, the largest being the circle of theoretically undeveloped green space around London, extending between Guildford (South-West), St Albans (North-West), Chelmsford (North-East) and Tonbridge (South-East). Whilst the green belt designation is notoriously a difficult one to manoeuvre around, it is intended as a guideline, and one that is difficult but not impossible to navigate. Welcome to our Ultimate Guide to Greenbelt Planning Loopholes 2022!

Guide to Adding Value to your Home in 2022

It is not a surprise that adding value to a home is a goal for the majority of homeowners. However, many people do not know how to act on this goal without any significant effort. This article will explain the architectural and conditional qualities needed to add value to your home. Qualities such as adequate ventilation, lighting strategies and an open plan arrangement that allow a building to be futureproofed for any future owners.

Guide to Kitchen Extension Ideas in 2022

Looking for Kitchen Extension Ideas in 2022? A single-storey kitchen extension is a great opportunity to create a vibrant new space to compliment any style of home or design taste. As the heart of your home, the average adult spends over 1 hour a day in the kitchen! This means that whatever your design style, a kitchen extension can not only add significant value to your home, but also unlock its potential and become a personal, practical and comfortable space. Here at Extension Architecture, we have compiled our 10 top tips & tricks to consider when designing your dream kitchen extension so that you can stay up to date with all of the trends.

How Much does a Double Storey Extension Cost in 2022?

A double storey extension is a fantastic way to increase your floor space and create additional ground floor and first floor space for open plan living and additional bedrooms or bathrooms. Given that the difference in costs of foundations and the roof will be negligible, the cost of a double storey extension when compared with a single storey extension becomes an even better investment with greater returns!

Tips & Tricks to Build a New Home in your Garden

The latest release of the London Plan stresses the importance of meeting growing housing needs as the population continues to rapidly increase, and with issues such as homelessness and the rise of social housing, backland developments in suburban and rural areas are slowly but surely becoming an unparalleled investment opportunity.
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