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Private Building Control Vs Local Authority Building Control: A Guide

When you undertake any sort of significant renovation or construction work in your home, you’ll need to comply with building regulations for your house extension. To prove you’ve done this, you’ll need to seek building control approval. To get this, you can either go down the route of using local authority building control, or you can use private building control to formally approve your house extension and issue a certificate to the council.

Party Wall Surveyors: A 2021 Guide

Is your project being slowed down by a matter concerning the party wall? If so, you may need to consider getting professional support from a party wall surveyor. This guide will cover how this professional body can help you and your home, and how to determine whether you need one.

Flat Roof Extensions: A Beginner’s Guide In 2021

In recent years, flat roof extensions have gained a lot of popularity due to their stylish and on-trend nature. An added advantage is that they are usually the most cost-effective method to create some additional space in your home. This guide will cover what you need to consider for a flat roof extension – from understanding planning permission to which materials you should use when considering a flat roof extension.

Outline Planning Permission – What Is It And How Do I Get It?

An outline planning application is a way of finding out whether a planning application is likely to be approved by your local authority. This means you can understand your options without a great deal of outlay on architects’ drawings and the fees for the planning application itself. The proposal does not have to be as detailed as a standard planning application and allows several elements to be approved at a later stage. These are known as reserved matters.

Bathroom Inspiration For Your Extension Renovation

As a team of architects, we have a passion for interior design and there is nothing we enjoy more than providing inspiration to homeowners planning a bathroom extension or renovation. As we enter a new year our minds are full of ideas, which we thought would be useful for those looking for a little bathroom inspiration.

UK Building Regs Made Simple

To make sure that new builds, extensions and renovations in the UK are of a universal quality standard, most projects must adhere to official Building Regulations. These are like a set of rules, which in England and Wales became law in the Building Act 1984. They govern things such as the structural integrity of the project and the quality of the materials used. As well as creating a framework to manage risk – ensuring the safety of any future occupants – and meet environmental aims. Just as with Planning Permission, your project would need to be evaluated alongside these objective considerations. With the possibility of securing either a pass or a fail.
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