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1) Planning Applications

something that we suggest you read, before giving us a shout 

a) Do I need planning permission for my proposal? b) Factors affecting planning permissions c) What is a planning application? d) What are the types of applications can be submitted?

What is permitted Development?

e) What is permitted Development? f) Does my proposal come within my permitted development right?

Use Classes FAQ

g) Which Category Class does your proposal come under? h) Class A i) Class B j) Class C k) Class D

What is permitted Development?

l) What is Retrospective Planning Application and do I require one? m) How much does it cost to submit a planning application to the council?

Planning Application Processes and Case Study

n) I’m demolishing my house, do I need Planning permission? o) I’m building an outbuilding or annex or Shed, do I need Planning permission? p) I want to excavate/dig to create a basement level, do I need Planning permission? q) My house is in a conservation Area, What are the differences to a normal planning application? r) My house is a listed building, What are the differences to a normal planning application? s) I want to put in an application for a roof terrace, what are my chances of getting approval?



2) Building Regulations

a) Does my project need building regulation approval? b) What building types do not require building regulations? c) What are Building Regulations? d) What is building control, and why do we need it?



3) Our Services

a) What an interior designer can do for you? b) Should I use architectsfor my project and why? c) What is a turn-key company? And what is the advantages of using a design and build company d) What is the difference between other Planning Companies and Extension Architecture?



4) Our Processes

a) Self-measurement surveys b) Uploading to the website c) Making amendments to draft drawings d) Liaising with the council e) Final Drawing and posting


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