Do I need planning permission for my proposal?

There are a number of factors to consider to determine whether your proposal requires planning permission. However, developments will require the consent of the local council in which case you will need Planning Permission or a certificate of lawfulness.

Some examples where planning permission is required:

  • New Developments
  • Additions or extensions to a flat or other dwellings. Including flat conversions.
  • Separating your house to be used as separate room’s e.g studio flats, self-contained flats, bedsit or HMO. Even using a caravan on the property, however, in the case of lodger’s planning permission is not needed.
  • Separating or dividing the existing dwelling for business or commercial use eg. For a workshop or parking space for commercial use at your home.
  • Any proposals which is not line with the original planning permission for the house eg. Your house may have been built with a provision to stop people placing fencing in front gardens for aesthetic purposes.
  • Any work which can interfere with the view of road users. (usually from the streetscape)
  • Any work which would involve amendments to a trunk or classified road.

Some areas where planning permissions would not be required are; any work internally, layouts and furnishings and fixtures, telephone connections, Alarm boxes with exceptions to building within a conservation area, listed building or a building of heritage significance/importance. In a nutshell, if it involves work that has any influence on the external look of your property, the chances are that you would need some kind of planning permission.

we will be happy to guide you in letting you know which planning application you should go for.



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