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Our Services for Wrap Around Extension

If you have outgrown your home or looking for ways to remodel and add value to your home, then a wrap around extension could be the ideal solution to you. Our architects in London boast extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with house extensions London, including single-storey extensions and wrap around extensions in London and Surrey. Locations include Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth, Merton, Wandsworth, Croydon, Elmbridge, and Kingston.

Wrap around extensions are essentially a hybrid of side and rear extensions which for an ‘L-shape’ at the back of the property. As the name suggests, a ‘wrap around extension’ literally wraps itself around two sides of your home, typically at the rear. Not only does it extend the back but adds extra width to your home too. You can opt to have a single storey wrap around extension or it can be double. 

Whether you are looking for kitchen extension ideas or a dining room or snug, wrap around extensions are the perfect solution for creating open-plan spaces. They can even be thoughtfully designed to become a central statement of your home in themselves. Our team of in-house professionals will work closely with you to design your wrap around extensions, advise on planning permission and building control and manage your project through to completion. Plus, with our Immersive Design services, you can be sure of what you can expect from your single storey wrap around extension before you commit!

No matter what type of extension you’re interested in adding to your London or Surrey property, Extension Architecture is here to provide extension ideas for your property. Look at our case studies below or get in touch to speak to one of our specialist advisors for more information.

Why choose us for your Double or Single Storey Wrap Around Extension?

If you are considering extending your home to create an open plan living space, and to provide plenty of flexible space for every occasion, a wrap around extension may be for you! They are a great option if you have redundant space on the side of your property.

Most common on detached homes or Victorian Terraces, a wraparound extension is, as opposed to a side or rear extension, one which wraps itself around the original building. Depending on the size of your house and garden, a wraparound extension can usually add between 15-60m2 of space. As it is neither classed as a rear or side extension, you will always require a householder or full planning application, and subsequent approval from your local council.

Wraparound extensions in London & Surrey are one of the best ways of creating additional space and adding value to your home without a heavy financial burden, with open plan living arrangements and lots of natural light ranking as two of the top 10 most desirable features for potential buyers. Not only does it add significant value at a lower cost, but the potential space-gained for cost per square meter is unparalleled when compared with double-storey extensions or loft extensions.

Our professional team can provide professional services right from the initial concept design to detailed interiors and kitchen design. Following this, we can further manage your project up to completion with our local, fully vetted construction professionals and offer competitive build quotes. No matter what the size of your wrap around extension, Extension Architecture is here to help.

Following an initial phone consultation, one of our experienced surveyors will visit your property to get the ball rolling. At this stage, we will work alongside you to develop the brief and ensure that we can generate a feasible proposal that aligns with both your priorities and the requirements of your local planning authority. If you are looking for architectural services now, contact us today to organise an initial consultation and receive a personalised quote!

Frequently Asked Questions about Extension

On one hand, the design aspect of an extension project can be fun but coming up with general costs and budget can be difficult. The general cost of your extension will ultimately depend on your brief. 

A wrap-around extension is one of the largest extension types, which is normally attached to the rear and side of the home. The average cost per square metre of a wrap-around extension is £2000 to £3000. Ranging from small to large, wrap around extensions can cost between £40,000 to £180,000. 

The use of your extension will also impact costs. Having an idea of how much you are willing to spend on a new kitchen or a new bathroom will be crucial when planning the cost for your new project. Bathrooms and kitchens are trickier to budget than a bedroom or a living room as there is plumbing to take into consideration as well as appliances and fittings. The cost of adding a kitchen to your extension will start around £10,000 for a cheaper kitchen design. The final cost will depend on the quality of the materials and appliances. Adding a bathroom to the project will increase the cost of about £5,000 but this will also depend on the type of finishes you want.

Rule of Thumb: As there are many variables to the costs of your project, it is good to have a general idea of how the budget will be spread and how the costs for professionals will impact the total cost: Architects London average fees 10% / Administration fees: 1% / Structural engineer: 4% / Surveyors: 3% / Contractors:30% / Materials 20% / Fittings 5% / Glazing: 15% / VAT 20%

Under permitted development, you can extend along the side and separately at the rear without planning permission. However, as soon as these additions form the L-shape and join to form a wrap around extension, you will need planning permission. 

All wraparound extensions, which form an L-shape along the side and rear of your home, require planning permission. They do not fall under permitted development rights.

For single storey wrap around extensions or double storey wraparound extensions, architects will need to carefully consider the following:

  • Loss of light or overshadowing
  • Visual amenity
  • Effect on listed buildings and the conservation area if it is in one
  • Impact on the character or appearance of the area
  • Scale and dominance
  • Overlooking/loss of privacy
  • Design, appearance, and materials

When working with our team for planning and developing your design, we pay particular attention to these matters to ensure your planning application has the right components to secure planning permission for a wraparound extension.

Research carried out by Nationwide shows how home improvements and home extensions can add significant value to your property. Adding a double bedroom to your house and an en-suite can increase value by 23%. Adding square footage with a kitchen extension and more in general a single storey rear extension will boost the value of your property by 13%.
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