Does my project need building regulation approval?


Does my project need building regulation approval?

Yes building regulations are needed, if you are proposing any new building work (such as a wall) or structural alternation such a loft conversion.



Proposals that are exempt from need of building regulations include:

  • Porches (providing it does not exceed 30m2)
  • Car Ports (subject to them being open on two sides and, again, less then 30m²)
  • Conservatories (providing it does not exceed 30m2 and have at least 75% of the roof and 50% of the walls glazed with a translucent material)
  • Most Sheds and greenhouses
  • Doors and Windows
  • Manhole Drains
  • Summer Houses
  • Domestic garages


What are Building Regulations?

Building regulations are standards for the construction and energy efficiency of buildings. I consider all circumstances and people including those with disabilities and requirements for ease of access.


Part A – Structure
Part B – Fire Safety
Part C – Contamination and damp
Part D – Toxicity
Part E – Sound
Part F – Ventilation
Part G – Hygiene
Part H – Drainage
Part J – Fuel
Part K – On-site Safety
Part L – Energy efficiency
Part M – Access
Part N – Glazing
Part P – Electrics


The Building Regulations are profiled in Approved Documents, which are updated fairly regularly. New ‘Parts’ are published periodically – for instance Part P changed in 2006; Part L was updated again in 2010.



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