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I want to put in an application for a roof terrace, what are my chances of getting approval?

We are finding that more and more of our customers are enquiring about roof conversions, not only for additional internal floor space but to use as a terrace! Because of this demand, there is more precedence to the councils can relate to for granting permission for a roof terrace in and around London in your area.

Once a planning application is submitted for a roof terrace, the council will look favourably on the application if it has;

Limited overlooking to neighbours

Building a high wall around the perimeter of the terrace or a lower wall offset away from the edge.

Overshadowing of neighbours

Use of materials that allow light to passed thought to neighbouring properties such as frost glass or wooden trellises.

Local and surrounding precedence of similar work.

If a neighbouring property or a nearby property has had roof Terrence application approved, this would look very favourable to your application, be sure to mention on your application!

Does a Roof Terrace Add Value to my Home?

If you are planning on adding a roof terrace to your home this could add up to 12% to the value of the property.

It is also making good use of unused space which will benefit you and if you ever decide to sell is also an extra selling point.

What Should I Consider When Designing a Roof Terrace?

You have a number of factors to consider in the design of a roof terrace including will the roof terrace be used by children? In this case you may wish to add higher railings for safety.

Do you have pets? Again a factor to consider when planning and designing your roof terrace.

What final finish do you require? If you are planning on using your roof terrace a lot then you would want to go for a more durable finish.

Is it easy to get to the space you want to use for a roof terrace? You may require further internal work to your property if the area is not already accessible.

Will the roof terrace impact the neighbours privacy? We all enjoy our privacy and we do recommend speaking with your neighbours prior to submitting any plans to see if they have any objections.

This will save time and money further down the line if they raise any concerns about the project to the local council.

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