Reasons for Planning Refusal


There are many factors that will affect whether or not you need to apply for planning permission or affect your chances of gaining planning approval.

  • Your Neighbours: Advising neighbours prior to planning application, as they are likely to be concerned about the proposal and the work it will entail, changes which may affect directly and indirectly to their property and standard of living.
  • Design: There is no right and wrong in design. Nevertheless, a well-designed building or extension is likely to be much more attractive to you and to your neighbours. More attractiveness, the higher the value of your property.
  • Nature and Wildlife: the proposal may have an effect on the local surrounds and wildlife. This factor will be studied and considered by your local council.
  • Environment and Health: Covers the health and safety aspects of people living and working in your area.
  • Trees: Trees protected by tree preservation orders mean that  planning permission is a must. We can help you check if your tree has a preservation order with a quick phone call.
  • Hedges: You do not normally need permission to plant a hedge in your garden, no restriction on how high the hedge can grow, but maintenance and responsibility if the hedge becomes a nuisance is with the owner.
  • Fencing: Walls and gates – You would need to apply for planning permission if you wish to erect/add to a fence, wall or gate. This again reiterates the point that  changes of the streetscape means planning approval is needed
  • Conservation Area: Full planning permission if any external amendments are required. There are many types of different Conservation orders, knowing these orders will help you win the application or the appeal process.
  • Listed Building: Full planning permission if any external amendments are required. There are different grades of listed buildings. Usually with thoughtful designs, the obstacles of listed buildings can be overcome.
  • Adverts and signs: You will need to apply for planning permission of the advertisement is bigger than 0.3 square metres, and also a must if the advert is for a non residential use.



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