What is a planning application?


What is a planning application?

A planning application is details requested by local authorities for the owner of the land to gain Planning permission or planning consent in order to be allowed to build on land, or change the use of your land or your building. In simple terms it is a medium to check that your proposed development is suited to the site, street, and area. If we did not have this medium in place, we could find buildings like in other parts of the world where there is no uniformity in their designs, form or function. So it’s a way to keep your home in situ with the characteristics of your area.

Local Planning Authorities are generally the local council borough and these LPAs will have guidelines and links on their websites to downloading an application form. They are usually receptive to pre-applications, but since three years ago, most of the London Boroughs have adopted a fee for their pre- application advise. Also most have given guidelines of approximately 6-8 weeks for their advise on the likelihood of the planning application being granted.

What are the different types of application that can be submitted?

There are 9 types of planning applications local authorities recognise:

  •  Outline Application
  •  Approval of Reserved Matters
  •  Full Application
  •  Approval of Details
  •  Listed Building Consent
  •  Conservation Area Consent
  •  Advertisement Consent
  •  Certificate of Lawful Use or Development
  •  Works to Trees



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