What is retrospective planning permission?


If work has been completed without prior planning approval, the local authority may ask you to make a retrospective application.

You can find out from the ‘Do I need planning permission’ page if the work that has been completed falls within the categories where planning permission is required, for you to access whether a retrospective application is needed or not.

Although planning permission is essential many start their project early for a number of reasons and it a common occurrence. It may be due to materials arriving early, contracts with labourers signed or you simply wasn’t aware whether or not you needed planning permission.

Upon reviewing retrospective applications the council will look at the follow factors:

  • The size of your project and whether or not it involves a loss of privacy between you and your neighbours
  • Potential noise and/or traffic pollution.
  • Parking issues
  • Loss of disabled access at street level.
  • Whether or not the project constitutes a violation of conservation and/or listed building guidelines.
  • Whether the aesthetic design and exterior appearance blends neatly with the local environment (including what kind of materials you use).
  • The duration of the project (including an overall timeline).


How to apply for a Retrospective Application?


If your project falls within the retrospective development criteria, you will need to apply for retrospective planning consent. This constitutes of a full planning application which requires complete drawings and other information depending on the type and location of the development.

This application can be made much the same way as normal planning application and submitted via the planning portal or directly to your local authority.



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