Change of use A1 to A3 Butcher and Restaurant in Kingston

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Change of use A1 to A3 Butcher and Restaurant in Kingston

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Use class A1(Shop) to Mixed Use A1 & A3 (Butcher and Restaurant)


Before construction A1(Shop)

A1 to A1 & A3 Mixed Use Planning Application in Kingston Upon Thames

Our client came for help with planning for their change of use application, which was to switch from a simple, un-designed butcher’s shop (retail class) to a mixed use of retail and restaurant units. The-Tree-Stone-Display-Section-Photo-2

Butchers shop display

The Concept

The idea is that you can buy your meat then take it across to the restaurant to be cooked for you. It is not the first of its kind in London but tends to be more common in their native land; Korea. Some clients will buy their meat and take it home, and others will go to the restaurant without buying fresh meat; thus creating 3 options for their clients. Change-of-Use-A1-to-A3-Butchers-and-Restaurant

Our Design Brief

As well as the change of use application, we did interior design and branding for them. Apart from the request for natural materials, the client did not specify any design brief or colour scheme, apart from their preference for natural elements. We thought of wood and stone, which led to their new name: ‘Tree Stone’. The new space for retail was designed and branded according to the client’s preference for natural elements. This area is so appealing that it made the butcher aspect more classy, meaning they could pitch to a slightly wealthier clientele and increase their prices a little. Tree-Stone-Restaurant-Inrterior

Restaurant area interior

The restaurant concept was a new addition, adjacent to the vending section. This was also a beautifully designed space to complement the sale area. We put a lot of thought into the design theme, even running the pipes like tree branches. Also some of the detailing on the shelves repeated the twig motif, and the leaf concept was featured on our logo design for them. The-Tree-Stone-Hoarding For some of the interior, we used faux stone and some of the menu-holders etc are made of faux wood, along with natural wood and industrial metals. The food is served on slates, and overall the look has blended seamlessly, and the client loved it.

How we can help you

Do you need a London architect to help you create drawings for your change of use application? We also have planning consultants within our team, so our approval rate is high. As part of our service, our architectural designers can submit your application to the council and liaise with them throughout the project. There is no extra charge for their time, and they will just add the council fee to your drawings invoice. A great way of winning approval from the planning department for your project is to use our 3D Immersive Design package. These visuals are photo-realistic and are useful to see your refurbishment before it happens. They are also handy to see if you wish to try other design options or materials at this point. For some examples, please see the link above. We can also help you with Interior Design. Have a look at some of our case studies here. For more information on changes of use, see our news article, or have a look at the Planning Portal’s page on the subject. We have extensive experience of submissions, including a variety of change of use applications. Give us a call today for a free consultation and quotation.

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