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We have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with double storey side extensions and similar Change of Use, see our reasonable prices outlined below;

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Planning Application

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  • Draft Design until confirmation
  • Provide two sets of Full Plans, electronic and Hard copy
  • Full expert Advice and Support
  • Receive Final plans 5. For applications in conservation areas a Design and Access statement will be required, Extension Architecture can provide this for an additional £100.00
  • Includes any resubmission and revisions of plans
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Building Regulation

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  • Draft design until confirmation
  • Provide two sets of Full Plans, electronic and Hard copy
  • Full expert Advice and Support
  • Receive Final plans
  • Includes any resubmission and revisions of plans
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Site Survey

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  • Site visit by one of our team of experts
  • Consultation on proposed plans
  • Full site measurement survey
  • Photographic survey (inc)
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Submission Fee

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  • Planning application Fee to council (£335) not included
  • Our expert team will liaise with the council and handle the full submission process.
Prices quoted above do not include VAT. Site survey is subject to the distance of the site from our Surrey based office and the scope of the works, to find out more please call 0207 801 0566. The prices stated above are a rough guideline only. To receive a full, accurate quote please REQUEST A QUOTE below or email us ( with the full site address and project details or call us on 0207 801 0566.

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Questions about London residential architect services

Building Regulation drawings and control are very important because they insure the safety of people in buildings. Building approval means that your building complies with the national set of standards to protect people’s health and safety in and around buildings. Some examples of what building regulations include are structural calculations, fire-safety, insulation, damp-proofing, foundations, heating, ventilation and accessibilty. Once you have received planning permission, building regulation drawings will have to then be submitted and approved before you can start construction. Just remember, cow-boy builders are always risky business and Local authorities have power under the Building Act 1984 to enforce non-compliant building work altered or removed.

Whether you are considering an extension, a plot development or a conversion, we are here to assist you in gaining LPA approval, maximising the potential of your project which in turn increases the value of your home. At Extension Architecture we offer bespoke packages to suit your budget, ensuring you get the perfect solution for you.

A site assessment will be carried out, either in person or remotely, which will gather information on the existing site. After this, initial drawings are produced and options are discussed with our consultants which leads to amended drawings being made until both parties are happy. At this stage, the application is submitted to the local authority.

For a full planning application, you will need good knowledge of the local guidlines, an appropriate design and a full set of accurate architectural drawings. Many Architects will do drawings but not offer extensive planning advice and submit your application on your behalf. On the other hand, Planning Counsultants have expert knowledge of regulations and can therefore play a vital role in obtaining permission for projects with complex needs, but where do both options leave you after your application has been granted…or refused? At Extension Architecture we understand that planning and building involves a lot of head-scratching, that’s why we guide you through the whole process, every step of the way. Extension Architecture specialises in design AND planning consulting and do not charge for submission and liaison with the council. We design, submit planning applications, building regulations with our in-house engineer, construct with trusted buiilders and offer creative interiors with our very own kitchen range. Why bother with the hassle if we can do it all for you?

All you need to do is fill out our online form which provides us with more information about your project, this way we can get back to you with a more accurate quote. If you would prefer to speak to one of our planning consultants directly, you can call us on 0203 409 4215.

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Our planning team provides a comprehensive range of expert planning consultancy services. After thousands of successful planning applications. Our extensive planning knowledge and experience will guide you effortlessly through the intricacies of your London council’s planning and approval processes.

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Our team of designers, surveyors, technicians, planning officers and architects in London have seen it all before. We’re the leading residential architecture studio in the United Kingdom, having worked with projects of all shapes and sizes. This means that we have helped thousands of people extend their properties up and down the county – all from under one roof!

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