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Please Note: Our prices are indicative at this stage and can change after the initial site consultation; depending on the complexity or if any additional proposed works are requested.

For any areas where we have stated TBA ( To be advised), that is because at this stage we cannot ascertain the full extent of the planning approved scope, hence this fee can be given after the planning approval. However, indications can be given upon request. 

Please note that the above fee assumes the following:

  1. The following terms and conditions will be the basic contract between the client and Extension Architecture. 

  2. EA agrees to provide the services set out in this proposal.

  3. If necessary we will undertake visual inspection of the existing site only.

  4. All dimensions indicated in the site survey and drawings should be double checked on site by the site manager prior to construction. In the event of any discrepancies, EA should be consulted and a remedy can be accommodated. 

  5. Planning application drawings are not construction issue drawings. All measurements should be checked prior to construction.

  6. All fees exclude VAT unless stated and exclude disbursements which will be charged separately. These could be: £35 if an OS map is needed, Permitted Development application fees, or £236 for full planning, or £475 for change of use application. You can make these payments to us, and we will pay the L.A. We do not see any other foreseeable costs, but would always inform you of any.

  7. If in any circumstance the scope of works are beyond the original agreement, we reserve the right to reconfigure the fees.

  8. The planning application process will not require extreme or abnormal negotiations.

  9. Clients are liable to pay all council submission fees, external specialist fees or building control related payments noted as disbursements.

  10. Our hourly rates, in the occasional event of additional services: (if further services were needed, these would be discussed with you before they are implemented or charged.)

  11. In the case of any call out fees, the following hourly rates apply: Managing Director £150/hr , Principal Architect £150/hr, Structural Engineer £150/hr, Project Manager £120/ph, Interior Designer £120/hr, Architectural Designer £100/hr.

  12. All the above fees are fixed and if Extension Architecture is asked of further services, we will then always notify you before any hourly rates are implemented.

  13. EA agrees to provide the services set out in this proposal.

  14. EA can appoint outsourcing companies and contractors as needed and the client will always be consulted prior to appointment.

  15. EA has an ownership of DWG (CAD)/ RVT (Revit) files. The client is required to pay £650+VAT release fee if the raw files are required for distribution. Extension Architecture is not liable for distributed files and discrepancies found.

  16. Extension Architecture cannot be responsible to absorb costs of reports requested by the council beyond the original fee proposal.

  17. Extension Architecture does not guarantee any outcome for applications and will not be liable to cover the costs of any refusals.

  18. Drawings at the planning stage are subject to change at the building regulations stage.

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