Actionable Ideas for a Low Maintenance Garden Design UK

Planning to spruce up your front yard with a garden but not sure if you can consistently spare time and effort for it? Don’t worry, with a little information you can easily have a low maintenance garden that will add to your property’s curb appeal and also its value in the market.

Low Maintenance Front Garden Ideas


Consider these ideas, and implement the ones that appeal to you –

  1. Push the flower beds back. Fewer plants mean a more manageable garden. Replace the flower beds with a paved path or a lawn. However, very small beds may necessitate constant pruning of plants to prevent them from becoming to big for the space. Use your judgement.
  2. If you plan a lawn, then opt for a simpler rectangular shaped one. It will be easier to mow as compared to mowing an irregularly-shaped lawn.
  3. Select the most appropriate spots for the plants so that after planting they don’t overgrow the space. Sun-loving plants, those requiring more water, seasonal varieties…these are considerations.
  4. Hedges require pruning and regular maintenance. Do away with the hedge and fence the garden.
  5. Paved or gravel paths will prevent weeds from taking root. You won’t have to spend time clearing the garden of weed. It’s a regular task that is best avoided regardless of the amount of maintenance your garden demands.

Low Maintenance Garden Plants

Garden design ideas low maintenance are best achieved by carefully selecting plants that can look after themselves with only a little intervention from you. Choose from local plant and shrub species that will survive and thrive in the U.K.


  1. Perennials such as Bowles’s Mauve and Caradonna are hardy with green foliage and will flower for the better part of the year, beyond the English summer.
  2. Reflowering plants include varieties of iris and rose. The second flowering may not be as sparkling or robust as the first, but you are assured of color in your garden even as the other plants begin taking on a duller appearance, as if in deference to the approaching autumn.
  3. Long grass and bamboo are clever ideas. Clumps of such grass and clusters of bamboo can add contrast in terms of color and texture to the garden. These are extremely low maintenance plants.

There are many low-maintenance shrubs to choose from; if you have the space and desire, you can plant shrubs that are appropriate for the season. Coneflowers, daylilies, cosmos, agastache, and coreopsis are flowering plants to consider.

Design Considerations for a Low Maintenance Garden


One advantage with a low-maintenance garden is that you can use the space for other purposes. A porch or a patio with comfortable seating or an outdoor grill are elements that contribute to the quality of living.

There are multiple aspects to creating a landscape with easy upkeep. For example, stone-surfaced paving needs a solid foundation, and the right choice of stone means a durable and rugged surface that won’t break or demand additional attention.

Mulch is a low maintenance and low investment idea as compared to grass. Choose mulch instead of a grass bed. You won’t have to care for it, and over time the mulch will break down and fertilize the soil. Or, fill the beds with crushed stone. You won’t have to ever worry about replacing it.


A low maintenance garden may be a necessity for older people, disabled individuals, enthusiasts with little knowledge about maintaining a garden, and when renting out property with a garden.

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