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London House Extension With Extension Architecture

25 August 2019
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Eugene Kim

We all love our home, but sooner or later we prefer modifying our necessities, the reasons may vary from a decent promotion to welcoming a new family member. While residential property prices in London ‘sky-high’, house extensions are handy to many of the families. People with growing families are already in a need to cut down their expenses, so house extensions are only obvious explanation whilst ensuring the least burden on your bank account.

We, Extension Architecture, a bespoken Architect and Planning Consultant practitioner provide optimal services keeping customer’s preferences and budget in mind. We specialize in Planning Applications, Building Regulation Drawings, Architectural Design and Project Management to ensure a house you have always wanted with ZERO hidden cost.

Extension Architecture has a variety of shapes and ideas to carve out your dream house within your boundary limits. Be it a double-storey or single storey extension with a traditional or contemporary touch, Extension Architect has a room for all. Let’s have a look upon our services and few cases to have a better understanding of our work proceedings.

Single Storey Extension

We believe in end-to-end services with the help of professionals in every sphere of services provided. In addition to that, our 3D graphic animation imaging services help you to be sure of what you are getting beforehand. We are up for any kind of single-storey extension, one such example would be a recent project of ours where we proposed a single-storey rear kitchen and dining extension of medium to high-end finish with a gross internal area of 172.7 m^2. The client wanted their kitchen to be exceptional yet safe for kids with a budget of 125,000 Pounds where we addressed their desires with a budget of 122,300 Pounds. This was a result of the inclusion of Tender Pack, value engineering and our contract administrator. Our collaboration with brands such as Hacker, Bora, Armony etc. helped them with a discount on quality products.


Double Storey Extensions

As usual, we, Extension Architecture, with our services from the very scratch to the very end we advocate a much larger and higher value home without any hassle of moving out. We provide extensions in symphony to your existing architect yet furnishing a modish harmony to it. In one of the recent projects of ours, the client had a house on a large corner plot with a double-storey side extension which stood juxtaposed. We were to create a fluid cohesion on the front elevation, an infill extension at the rear and a conversion of 2 units. Client asked us to create two separate dwellings rather one large house. Our 3D Immersive Design package helped convince planning officers, neighbours etc to do the deed without many thorns in your flesh.

We have much more to offer, whatever your requirements would be we stand strong in fulfilling your dreams. We know a house is not a home if it’s not in accord to your comfort.

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Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim, Founder and Managing Director of Extension Architecture, has led the firm for over 14 years, consistently delivering quality solutions. His dedication has been key to the company's growth and success.

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