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Looking A Structural Engineer In London

London is an ever-evolving city. From the stunning skyline which is constantly being modified to family homes being renovated to keep up with the newest architectural trends, buildings in the capital are always undergoing change. For any construction project, you'll need a structural engineer, and it's always important to work with the best. Here are just a few tips to help you to find the best structural engineer London has to offer.

10 May 2021
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Eugene Kim

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What Are Structural Engineers?

You might be wondering what the purpose of a structural engineer in London is. After all, on top of the cost of builders and London architects, you’ll want to avoid paying out for another expert where possible.

A structural engineer understands the physics of your building’s structure and uses their knowledge to ensure that your construction work doesn’t cause the property to collapse around it. You’ll need a structural engineer for anything that needs to comply with building regulations, so they are a legal necessity too. They’ll let you know everything about the materials you might need and will work alongside your builders and designers to keep everything as safe as can be.


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What Costs Can You Expect?


Some structural engineers will charge hourly, often between £50 and £90 an hour for their services. Others, such as the team at Extension Architecture, will charge a fixed quote depending on what the job’s specific requirements are. In London, this can vary widely, from skyscrapers to simple renovations. No matter what the size of your job may be, you should always look to get a quote to see what you can expect to pay for your structural engineer services.


Pick A Structural Engineering Specialist


With such a huge variety of structures in London, a number of specialisations have emerged in the structural engineering field. There will be those that work on high-rise buildings, those that specialise in extensions and hundreds of niches in between. By picking the right expert for your project’s needs, you can save yourself money and make sure the project runs as smoothly as it possibly can. Where a generalist might get the job done, specialists are always likely to be more reliable.

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Experienced Companies Are Ideal


It’s always ideal to pick a structural engineer with a significant amount of experience. With experience comes a greater level of consistency, and avoiding mistakes is paramount in structural engineering work. A single mistake could put the integrity of your entire building at risk, and by using an experienced and qualified structural engineer, you can avoid these issues.

If you’re interested in hiring a structural engineering team you can rely on in London, give Extension Architecture a call today to find out more about our work.

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Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim, Founder and Managing Director of Extension Architecture, has led the firm for over 14 years, consistently delivering quality solutions. His dedication has been key to the company's growth and success.

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