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Some of our Client Testimonials

8 November 2017
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Eugene Kim
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See a few examples of customer testimonials here


It is always good to have honest business success stories when you are choosing a service.
Read some of our client testimonials here…


From a Kind Client in Croydon:

We have had quite a few good projects in Croydon, and some of our Croydon clients have written good customer testimonials for us. Our planning consultants and architectural designers have good knowledge of the various LPA policies in London, and this in turn has enabled all of our success stories.



Testimonial from one of our Croydon projects.


Here is another of our website testimonials from Bromley:



A testimonial from one of our clients in Bromley.


This was quite a dramatic example from our company testimonials:

“I just would like to thank you for your initial help with my garage project. It’s been drama filled with dodgy builder, Julian advising me, different architect getting bailiffs on me! Hiring private investigators etc. I’m glad Extension Architecture were able to help me.

Nadir and Peter have been great! Merry Xmas!”




Another of our success stories from client testimonials in Waltham Forest:

“Just to say Thank you for your professional job and winning case with Waltham Forest Council. With Warmest Regards.”

This lady has recently done a second project with us in Kingston.


Feedback on a double storey side extension in a conservation area:

“Dear Youno,

Thank you for the double storey side extension drawings. I was pleased to find out that Extension Architecture has really good knowledge on conservation areas, and listed buildings.

I was told by two local architects that it was difficult to gain the side extension because of the local conservation area guidelines.

However, with the advice from Extension Architecture, we regained our lost confidence, and have managed to follow through and now the permission has been granted. It is amazing to have the letter in my hand! Many thanks for all your efforts and I was extremely happy with the result. Expect a call from my neighbour Maggie, on their extension :)”



Another of our business testimonials:

“Hi Extension Architecture. This is perfect, just right. God you are fast. I am just about to send you the outstanding amount. I will definitely recommend you, if that’s ok? Thank you ever so much!”

This project was done in July 2017.


Another happy client in Croydon:

“You people are so great!”


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We hope you have enjoyed these excerpts from our testimonial page. For more testimonials, see our testimonial page here.

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Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim, Founder and Managing Director of Extension Architecture, has led the firm for over 14 years, consistently delivering quality solutions. His dedication has been key to the company's growth and success.

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