Project Description: Lincoln Avenue; New Build

Project scope: Demolition of the existing detached house and erect a new semi-detached dwelling.Lincoln Avenue; New Build

  • Total construction area m²: 610 sqm
  • Stage: Planning/BR/construction 
  • Project Year: 2014


Project overview:

  1. From 2007 to 2011, 3 different firms advised our client for an erection of a two storey side and front extension.
  2. We gave the client a different vision of the project, pushing forward the potential of the plot.
  3. We suggested to demolish the existing two storey 210 smq, in order to design a new building, 610 sqm  three storey+basement.
  4. This wasn’t received well from the council as it received multiple objections and went to planning committee. 
  5. After justifying the design and the proposal to the committee the planning application was approved with conditions. 
  6. The project is currently under construction and is near competition. 


Detailed project description:

3 storey+ basement level. The semi-detached house is the building with a basement 

Use the slider to slide between the before and after of the design of the house:

26 Lincoln Avenue New Build bathroom26 Lincoln Avenue New Build Second bathroom26 Lincoln Avenue New Build rear

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