The transformation of a traditional 1930s family home in Worcester Park, Surrey, into a contemporary, open plan living space, by means of the addition of a single and double storey rear extension.

With construction currently ongoing, be sure to watch this space for the final outcome!

Project type

Double Storey Extension

Project Type

Planning permission

Project location

Worcester Park, Surrey

Permitted by

London Borough of Sutton

Total Existing Area


Total Proposed Area



Located in the homely  neighbourhood of Worcester Park, our client wanted a total revamp of their traditional 1930s family home.

Our project objective was to obtain planning permission for 
a single storey rear extension on the ground floor and a double storey side & rear extension on the first floor. This project was a major planning challenge, having to chop up the proposals into various applications in order to achieve the maximum amount of space.

Two successful applications later, our client’s gained much needed additional space
 which was configured into a bright and inviting high performance home.

Our Solution

The aim was to achieve the most space possible and to create an engaging, modern design that would tick all the boxes. Our team had to ensure that each application was carefully considered so that every scope would work in conjunction with the other in order to form a cohesive yet sensitive design.  

The idea for the ground floor was to ensure that it felt as open as possible, meaning a lot of steel and structural support was needed. Large glazing options and light finishes were chosen to make the space dazzle. The double storey hosted a new master bedroom with a celestial window facing the rear of the garden.

Summary of Works

This project was a huge measure of accomplishment as we were able to achieved a grand design in a considerably short amount of time. With construction underway as we speak, one brick at a time we are seeing our design come to life. Looking forward to seeing the final result!

Thank you.
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