New Build Family Home & Immersive Interior Design

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New Build Family Home & Immersive Interior Design

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A brand new, compact home for our family-focused client designed by Extension Architecture, with full interior design and landscape design for a truly unique result.

Project type

New Build

Works Requested

Technical Design
Interior Design
Project Management


New Malden

Total Proposed Area

93 sqm

The Brief

This project was exceptional from its commencement. Rather than the standard approach of building the back rooms facing the garden and the front rooms, the road view; this 100 sqm house was set to be spread across the garden with an outdoor pool running across the width of the home.

With this came the opportunity to design the interior spaces with a deep connection to the exterior. The owners, a young family, desired a cosy, yet comfortable, open-plan living space that can be used to improve the family interactions both internally and externally. The architecture of the house was such that it was widespread rather than stacked up, adding an additional dimension of interconnectivity. All the bedrooms and the main living spaces have direct visual access to the outdoor pool and orchestrated garden.

One priority of the client was that they love cooking together and entertaining, thus a need for a welcoming open-plan living/kitchen/dining space shone through to create a space suitable for all to enjoy as one.

Our Solution

The interior layout was designed to bring the family closer together. The kitchen is directly linked with the living room, where all the main functions of family life, work, and leisure are spaciously scattered. Facing towards the cosy seating area is a breakfast bar and an attached dining table. The bespoke kitchen has been designed to allow the whole family to cook together and gather in the kitchen at one time, with key equipment including the fridge and pantry concealed behind full-height units along with valuable storage space.

Extension Architecture proposed an interior concept with natural materials such as herringbone timber floors, oaky-shaded ceilings and slatted wall panels, giving the space a contemporary but warm feel. Near the entrance, the seating area is separated from the circulation space with a louvred shoe cabinet with additional concealed storage. This creates a visual barrier between the lounge and the hallway, allowing interactions but not compromising the necessary division of space. The clear visual axis from the main door to the back garden door makes the interior seem much bigger than it actually is, with the glass bridge, sandwiched between the shallow pool and the garden, opening the house up to the beautiful garden on either side of the building. At night, hidden alcove lights move the user towards the direction of the bridge.

Summary of Works

The finished project delivers a warm and inviting home enhancing the charm of the sprawled spaces amidst the garden. Stunning natural materials combined with contrasting colours used in Fabric upholstery and brassy lights make a simple yet bold statement throughout the home, with different ceiling and floor coverings used in the living room and bedrooms, chosen with the highest care to complement each other and make a colour palette that is bright, warm and natural. Cosy lighting has been orchestrated throughout, with minimalistic wall fixtures, statement pieces above the kitchen island and dining space, concealed alcove lighting for that much loved cosy ambience, and narrow-angled spotlighting to illuminate different spaces when needed.

With construction underway and on-site progress being made daily, we can’t wait to see the final result! Watch this space!

Steph Fanizza, Architectural Design & Team Manager

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