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 Roof Conversion We were appointed to produced a number of visualizations for our client for a property which our Interior Designer re-designed and presented to the client for approval. The crown roof was converted into a habitable space whilst working with 1,600 Sqf. The team created planning application drawings to visualize different types of spaces for the client. It was important to have a broadened mind, this would mean the differentiated ideas would result in one best solution. A roof light was created in the middle of the space to integrate the indoor space with the outdoor space which added versatility to the design excluding the separation of spaces but combining the spaces in private areas whilst deriving allot of light in into the property simultaneously. The choose of color maximized the visualization of an outdoor space and blending a garden feel with an indoor feel which again fully maximized the integrity of the design. Alongside the 2d drawings Extension Architecture also able to provide 3D visualisations to help the client envision the proposed works. 3D Visualisations can also be beneficial for planning purposes to visualise the proposed design well before it is even built. In more challenging cases where the proposal entails a lot of modifications it can be hard to understand in 2D drawings, therefore, to show the planner a 3D visual can be helpful to illustrate the proposed works. Traditionally, visualisation media such as plans, sections and physical models have been used to aid communication of planning proposals, yet technological advances now allow for virtual interactive, three-dimensional (3D) visualisations of proposals to be created. Rather doing a 3d physical model it is most cost effective and time consuming to prepare a 3d visual for better understanding. We work across all construction disciplines, on all types and sizes of projects. The finishes for the 3D visualisations can be tailored to the needs of each client. From basic to high quality renders dependent on the necessity of the details. EA uses the most advanced visualisation and 3D modelling techniques to bring concepts to life and provide accurate modelling of flows, tolerances, sight lines and functionality of architectural designs. View our 3D rendering case studies or contact us for more information. Rear Extension Roof Conversion  Roof Conversion Firm Rear Roof Conversion Top Roof Conversion

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