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Our Services for Industrial Architects

At Extension Architecture, our dedicated team of industrial architects has over 11 years of extensive experience in architectural projects throughout the UK. Specialising in industrial architecture, we excel in crafting innovative solutions that effectively address the distinctive challenges posed by industrial spaces. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction has solidified our reputation as a trusted and reliable name in the architectural industry.

With a focus on combining creativity and practicality, we tailor our approach to each project, ensuring that our designs not only meet aesthetic aspirations but also enhance functionality and efficiency. Contact us today to book a consultation with our team about your industrial project. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can make your project a reality.

Industrial Building Process

Industrial building is a complex process that requires expertise and precision. At Extension Architecture, we guide each of our clients through every step, ensuring that they have a stress-free experience from the conception to the completion of their build.

The process begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s vision and goals. Our industrial building architects work closely with clients to develop a comprehensive design that aligns with their requirements and adheres to regulatory standards in the area they want to build in. This involves considering factors such as functionality, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Once the design is finalised, our team takes charge of obtaining planning permission, navigating through the intricate web of regulations and approvals. We understand the importance of a smooth planning process, and our experience allows us to anticipate and address potential challenges efficiently.

With planning permission secured, our industrial architects seamlessly transition into the design and build phase. We leverage our extensive network of contractors and suppliers to ensure the construction process is executed with precision. Project management is a cornerstone of our approach, ensuring timelines are met, and the project progresses seamlessly.

Our Industrial Architect UK Projects

Extension Architecture takes pride in a portfolio of successful industrial projects across the UK. From large-scale manufacturing facilities to innovative warehouse designs, our team has consistently delivered exceptional results. Explore our case studies below for a closer look at the range of projects we’ve undertaken and the transformative impact we’ve had on industrial spaces.

Our Industrial Development Projects

Industrial Architects Tailored For You

What sets Extension Architecture apart as industrial architects in the UK is our commitment to going above and beyond to meet our clients’ requirements. We understand that each industrial project is unique, and our team can create solutions to suit your specific needs.

Our architects blend creativity with practicality, ensuring that the design not only meets aesthetic aspirations but also enhances functionality and efficiency. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver innovative solutions that stand the test of time, creating industrial spaces that are both visually striking and operationally effective.

In addition to design and build services, we offer comprehensive project management. This involves coordinating with various stakeholders, managing timelines, and overseeing the construction process to guarantee the successful realisation of our client’s visions.

Extension Architecture brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the field of industrial architecture in the UK. Our commitment to excellence, innovative design solutions, and comprehensive services make us the ideal partner for your industrial project. Explore our case studies to witness the successful transformation of industrial spaces and discover how we can help you with your project today.

Industrial Building Architect FAQs

Industrial architects play a crucial role in designing and optimising spaces for industrial purposes. They ensure that industrial buildings are not only functional but also comply with regulatory standards, enhancing efficiency and safety.

The design and build process involves conceptualising the industrial space, obtaining planning permission, and then executing the construction phase. Our industrial building architects oversee every aspect, from initial design to final construction, ensuring a cohesive and efficient process.

Yes, obtaining planning permission is a critical step in the industrial building process. Our experienced team at Extension Architecture navigates the regulatory landscape to secure the necessary approvals for your project.

Steph Fanizza, Architectural Design & Team Manager

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