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Residential Structural Engineer Guide

With so many of us spending more time at home, everyone is looking at how to maximise their space. If you want to adjust the layout of your home or create a house extension, this type of renovation is always best managed by a structural engineer to ensure it’s viable and safe. If you plan to self-build, it’s critical that you use a structural engineer as you plan.

They will assess the structural condition of a property and then recommend and calculate a plan for the types of materials you should use, plus their weights and dimensions. Their work also includes any civil designs required by the project such as retaining walls, road design and drainage needed for Building Control Approval.

21 December 2020
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Eugene Kim

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How Much Does A Structural Engineer Cost Uk Wide?

A structural engineer survey cost will always depend on your property, the area of the country you are in and what you want to achieve from your house extension London, but there are common tasks that attract typical fees, such as building surveys and measurements for conversions.

A residential structural engineer will typically charge up to £90 per hour, then the size of your property will affect the length of time for assessment. You could budget for a minimum of four hours for a small flat and up to five days for a large detached house.

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Ultimately, the scale and complexity of your job will dictate the overall cost. If it’s a large project, the structural engineer will need to visit several times and may need to adjust technical drawings as requirements change. For example, a single-storey extension or removal of a load-bearing wall could be viewed as a simple project, but a double storey extension of more than one floor on uneven ground would necessitate additional work.

Sometimes the structural engineer will need to ask your builder to perform tasks to assess the depth of the foundations of your home, for example. This can then inform as to whether you need underpinning to prevent subsidence.

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How Can Extension Architecture Help?

At Extension Architecture, we have extensive experience in providing structural calculations for simple, straightforward projects through to larger works such as new build developments. We provide a structural consulting engineering service for projects located throughout London, ranging from residential basement extensions all the way up to loft conversions and beyond, to change of use and commercial renovations.

We develop structural systems at every level of complexity and any building size. If you’re facing a challenge, this won’t faze us – it’s our speciality. We have built a strong reputation for innovative solutions that deliver on seemingly impossible objectives.

Our previous work includes structures using steel, concrete, glass, timber and aluminium across the residential, commercial and leisure industries. Our engineers are market aware and will advise on the most viable options for each project.

Our clients return to us repeatedly, as we are committed to being helpful, approachable and useful on every project we take on.

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Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim, Founder and Managing Director of Extension Architecture, has led the firm for over 14 years, consistently delivering quality solutions. His dedication has been key to the company's growth and success.

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