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Dalston Planning Applications and Architectural Services

Our Dalston architects are professionals who play a crucial role in the design and planning of construction projects. Though there are other Dalston architects, our team at Extension Architecture have the knowledge and experience to bring a number of projects to life. We have had success with double and single-storey extensions in Dalston and many of the surrounding cities. If you need an architect in Dalston to be involved in your project from the get-go, call our team today and schedule a consultation.  

Dalston Planning Applications and Architectural Services  

We at Extension Architecture are an experienced team of planning consultants and architects in Dalston with a flair for design. We are here to provide friendly and helpful services assisting you from initial design ideas through to planning, building control and into a reality. 

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Our success rate is nearly 100%, and includes house and basement extensions, loft and garage conversions, change of use applications, new builds and commercial planning. For any work in the Dalston area, we undertake a property site assessment by looking into the history and context of the site with its surroundings.  

In the process of design, our Dalston architects promise to be up to date with all regulations, taking into consideration the conservation and heritage sites and we approach it with a sympathetic proposal to consider the characteristic surroundings. The rules and regulations for planning application and building regulation vary from council to council. We always keep ourselves aware of the changes in the Merton Borough Council, and take the time to study why some properties get approved and others get refused in the area. 

We provide a full range of services in the Elmbridge area including: 

  • Planning Application Drawings (including Plans, Sections, Elevations etc.) 
  • Retrospective Planning 
  • Building Regulation Drawings for Building Control in Hammersmith and Fulham 
  • Consultancy for Commercial Development 
  • 3D Visualisations (Immersive Design) 
  • Interior Design 
  • Spatial Planning and Layout 
  • Feasibility Consultancy 

    Learn more about planning application of Dalston and get a quote

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    Our Architectural services in Dalston

    Our Architects in Dalston 

    As Dalston commercial and residential architects, we have an intimate understanding of the local area, its architectural nuances, and the regulatory landscape. This in-depth knowledge ensures that your project seamlessly integrates with the unique character of Dalston. We believe in the power of collaboration. Our architects work closely with you, listening to your aspirations and goals. Your vision becomes our inspiration, and we meticulously craft designs that reflect your individuality. 

    When you choose us, you’re not just hiring architects in Dalston; you’re partnering with a team that’s passionate about creating exceptional spaces and transforming your ideas into reality. We have a number of architects across the UK, including our coveted architects in London! 

    Learn more about planning application of Dalston and get a quote

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    When Should I Enlist Architects in Dalston?

    At Extension Architecture, we believe that involving an architect from the very beginning is key to the success of any project. Our architects play a pivotal role in turning your ideas and concepts into tangible designs. By engaging with one of our architects in the initial stages, you’ll benefit from our expertise in shaping your vision into a well-thought-out plan. 

    Early involvement of an architect in Dalston allows for comprehensive project planning. We can help you define project goals, establish a realistic budget, and create a timeline that ensures a smooth and efficient construction process. 

    We provide a full range of services in Dalston 

    • Planning Application Drawings (including Plans, Sections, Elevations etc.) 
    • 3D Visualisation (Immersive Design) 
    • Retrospective Planning 
    • Building Regulation Drawings for Building Control 
    • Consultancy for Commercial Development 
    • Interior Design 
    • Spatial Planning and Layout 
    • Feasibility Consultancy 

    Dalston Architect FAQs 

    What types of projects do Dalston architects typically handle? 

    Our architects in Dalston at Extension Architecture are experienced in a wide range of projects, including residential extensions, loft conversions, new builds, and commercial developments. Whether you’re planning a small-scale renovation or a large-scale construction project, our team has the expertise to assist you. 

    How can Extension Architecture help with the planning permission process in Dalston? 

    Obtaining planning permission in Dalston can be a complex and time-consuming process. Extension Architecture has a proven track record of successfully obtaining planning approvals. Our architects are well-versed in local regulations and zoning requirements, and we can guide you through the entire process, from preparing and submitting applications to liaising with local authorities. 

    Do you offer eco-friendly or sustainable design options for projects in Dalston? 

    Yes, we do. Extension Architecture is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly design practices. Our Dalston architects can incorporate green building techniques, energy-efficient solutions, and sustainable materials into your project to reduce its environmental impact and potentially reduce long-term operating costs. 

    How can I schedule a consultation with Extension Architecture for my project in Dalston? 

    Scheduling a consultation with our architects in Dalston is easy. You can get in touch with us through our website, phone, or email to discuss your project requirements. We offer an initial consultation where we can learn more about your project, answer your questions, and provide you with an overview of our services and the next steps in the process.  

    Learn more about planning application of Dalston and get a quote

    Get a Free Quote today or call us on 0203 409 4215

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    planning permission of your borough

    We know your local area and the rule of planning permission of your borough

    We’ve had more than 1600 successful planning applications approved since we started to help clients turn their dream home projects into a reality. We’re very proud of our success rate and how we can cater to all your planning needs. Take a look at some examples of the projects we were granted planning permission for in this case study..

    expert planning consultancy

    We provides a comprehensive range of expert planning consultancy services.

    Your personal planning consultant will visit your property, home or office at a time that suits you and discuss your project in further details. Later the technician will come and complete a full site survey. Our teams then discuss and agree what works and changes could be included in.

    residential Architecture Studio in London

    We’re the leading residential Architecture Studio in London

    We at Extension Architecture provide a wide range of project, development and management services. Whether dealing with fast track refurbishment projects or large- scale mixed use developments, we work closely with all partners from the outset to lay the required processes and structures in place to ensure timely delivery.

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