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Planning Applications and Architectural Services in Southwark

The London Borough of Southwark is home to communication hubs such as London Bridge station, the UK’s tallest high rise, and weekend finds such as Borough Market or Bermondsey Antiques Market. There is plenty for visitors and residents to see… from the Golden Hind 16th C galleon and Southwark Cathedral to the Tower of London, The London Dungeon, HMS Belfast and the Tate Modern. Living in the borough can be as affordable as the vibrant market buzz of Deptford; as artistic as Camberwell, with the South London Gallery extending to the old fire station, and the new face of Camberwell College of Art with its extensive interior and exterior reconfiguration and refurbishment complete; or as exclusive as East Dulwich, with neighbours: West Dulwich and Peckham looking similar – in places – but being more affordable.

Southwark Planning encourages brown and green roofs and walls, which – like meadows – provide eco-systems and for diverse insect microhabitats. They also help reduce flood risks. It may be worth including one as part of your planning application design.

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We provide a full range of services with regards to all manner of planning permission and drawing types in the Haringey area, including:

  • Planning Drawings For Applications (including plans, sections, elevations etc)
  • Retrospective Planning
  • Building Regulation Drawings for Building Control in Hammersmith and Fulham
  • Consultancy for Commercial Development
  • 3D Visualisations (Immersive Design)
  • Interior Design
  • Spatial Planning and Layout
  • Feasibility Consultancy

Learn more about planning application of Southwark and get a quote

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How we work in this area Our Architectural services in Southwark

If you need planning permission in South-wark, we have done several projects in that area. Our teams are in touch with planning revisions to get you the best chances of approval in the shortest time feasible. We can also make the submission on your behalf.

You can call us on 0203 409 4215 to get you started, or simply leave your details via the button and the planning team will contact you shortly. We can help with free planning advice to give you a realistic idea of how much you could apply for.

Extension Architecture has sizeable teams of planning consultants, architectS and creative interior designers who are happy to guide you from initial design ideas through the planning process, building control and the final construction of your project. Have a look at our CASE STUDIES for an idea of what we can get for you too.

Learn more about planning application of Southwark and get a quote

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Our planning & architectural services in Southwark

We provide a full range of services in Southwark

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Planning Application Drawings (including Plans, Sections, Elevations etc.)

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3D Visualiations (Immersive Design)

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Restrospective Planning

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Building Regulation Drawings for Building Control

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Consultancy for Commercial Development

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Interior Design

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Spatial Planning and Layout

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Feasibiity Consultancy

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We know your local area and the rule of planning permission of your borough

We’ve had more than 1600 successful planning applications approved since we started to help clients turn their dream home projects into a reality. We’re very proud of our success rate and how we can cater to all your planning needs. Take a look at some examples of the projects we were granted planning permission for in this case study..

We provides a comprehensive range of expert planning consultancy services.

Your personal planning consultant will visit your property, home or office at a time that suits you and discuss your project in further details. Later the technician will come and complete a full site survey. Our teams then discuss and agree what works and changes could be included in.

We’re the leading residential Architecture Studio in London

We at Extension Architecture provide a wide range of project, development and management services. Whether dealing with fast track refurbishment projects or large- scale mixed use developments, we work closely with all partners from the outset to lay the required processes and structures in place to ensure timely delivery.

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