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Let’s talk about Tenders

Let's talk about Tenders

2 October 2017
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Eugene Kim

What Tenders

Can do for you


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Tenders are proposals from potential contractors or suppliers with regards to an imminent construction or design project, who have either been invited or would like to provide services or materials. In the interest of simplicity, there should be a different document regarding each service tendered for, if more than one service is tendered by one supplier. All the suppliers or contractors should follow a similar template so that like-for-like comparisons can be made, and errors avoided. Proposals can be made by sub-contractors the principal contractor, or to the owner.


Tender documents preparation

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The invitation letter and description of services needed will be mentioned. Background details and conditions will also be included. Also a document where prices can be listed. Lastly a block plan and design drawings and specs will be supplied so the contractor will be able to quote accurately for each phase of the labour.


Design drawings are
enclosed with our tenders



Tender document for construction

The various contractors who are competing for your project may have money on their mind, but we thoroughly check their financial backgrounds for you, as well as their references and insurances. Following our invitation to tender for the project, they will write tender proposal letters to us (which are actually legal documents, so should always be filed as central to the project.)

At this point the natural selection reduces the list of contractors we are willing to propose for you. They must be contractors who use JCT contracts. Some builders have never heard of them, and of those who have, only a percentage are using them.


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We help you choose suitable materials


They need to submit to us their detailed quotation for the phases, and at this point we also reduce the list a little. Normally builders expect a payment at the outset, but not so with JCT contractors.

The first payment is due to the contractors after the materials have been purchased and work phase 1 has been completed. If it has been completed to 18% and not the agreed 25%, then 18% is all they will be paid at this point. It is not unusual for the builders to also have a daily fine for delays.

We will also be looking at comparative costings for the materials and fittings you have opted for, and choose the best value products.


Getting started on Tenders

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We create an external tender pack which evaluates all the services and materials needed for the exterior of your build, at the pre-construction phase.

We make a separate internal tender pack for the internal finishes, supplies and fitting. We can help you choose the best value skylights, bi-folding doors, sanitaryware, flooring, applicances, AV and Smart Homes systems. At this point we will pass on all our significant trade discounts to you, saving you 10-15% of the final construction cost. The internal tender pack really puts you in control of your build. It is comprehensive and specifically detailed, enabling like-for-like quotes from contractors.

We send the final internal and external tenders packs to our network of proven builders, and for newcomers we do extensive reference & insurance checks. We then establish all their respective availability and set appointments to meet them on site. After this, we invite the client to our office to explain JCT contracts along with its terms & conditions. Once the client has chosen their preferred contractor, we arrange another meeting to sign the contract which will enable their build phase.


How we can help you

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We can guide you on how you can initiate the tendering process for your home improvements, renovation, loft conversion or rear extension. Contact us on 0203 409 4215 or follow the link.


Further Information


See our simple video on the basic tender process. Also see external link on the construction industry basic list on building and design.


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Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim, Founder and Managing Director of Extension Architecture, has led the firm for over 14 years, consistently delivering quality solutions. His dedication has been key to the company's growth and success.

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