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Expand your living space with a side extension

Side extensions are a great option to utilise poorly used space between detached or semi-detached homes. This form of extension can work out as one of the cheapest forms of extension to carry out.

With some careful planning, and our team’s expertise, we can carry out your side extension project to make it reality. Get in touch today with no obligation for a free quote. We won’t pester you should you decide not to go through with it in the end.

Featured Case Study:
Side Extension & Loft Conversion

Property is a detached Victorian building located in an area with mixed residential and commercial developments.

The brief specified by the client included interior reconfiguration aimed to achieve modern special layout, an open space plan that accommodates a living-dining room and kitchen.

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More Side Extension Projects

3d render for article: side and rear extension, Wandsworth

Side and rear extensions, Wandsworth

Our client’s original proposal was for a triple storey extension and a single storey side extension beyond kitchen and adjacent existing reception room. Also to open up the interior walls to the new addition. This was modified – after the first pre-application – to a double and single storey side and rear extensions.

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Wrap-around Extensions and More Projects

If you're planning a rear extension as well, or have already carried one out, you can maximise your space further by combining it with a side extension. This is what is known as a "Wrap-around Extension". With the correct planning permissions - which we will guide you through every step of the way - you will end up with a home that feels brand new, with much more ground space.

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Types of Side Extensions We Can Carry Out

  • Detached houses
  • Semi-detached houses
  • Side Returns
  • Wrap-Arounds