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Kensington Planning Applications and Architectural Services

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The elegant terraces of Kensington are amongst the most recognisable properties throughout the whole of London, and often require architects to envision innovative solutions to create additional space in such a tight-knitted and historic community.

Just 10 minutes away from our Battersea studio, the Royal Borough of Kensington is a world renowned area of London, known internationally for its beautiful architecture, luxury status, and Royal heritage! Home to the birthplace of Queen Victoria, Kensington Palace, and the largest park in central London- of course we refer to Hyde Park- Kensington  is an area we have fallen in love with over the years. 

Whether you are situated in the picturesque Kensington, the vibrant area of Notting Hill, the luxurious district of Knightsbridge, or the affluent area of Chelsea, Extension architecture can help you maximise your property value and create meaningful space for you and your family.

When working around central London, planning permission is never a straightforward task, but when the price per square meter of land is so high – at around £10,854!!! – extending your home either above ground or through the addition of a basement has never seemed so worthwhile! By working with Extension Architecture, we can help you to not only maximise your properties value, but also to create meaningful, beautiful spaces, through residential extensions, internal reconfigurations and interior design. Further to this, if you have a commercial property in need of an upgrade, our in-house commercial department will be happy to hear from you!


Did you know that a single square meter of land is worth approximately £10,854 in Kensington ?! Here at Extension Architecture, we understand that investing in your home to create high-quality spaces can not only increase the value of your home, but also drastically enhance your lifestyle.

Learn more about planning application of Kensington and get a quote

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The services our Kensington architects can undertake include:

  • Planning Drawings for Submission to your Local Council.
  • Retrospective Planning
  • Building Regulation Drawings for Building Control
  • Structural Engineer Services
  • Consultancy for Commercial Development
  • 3D Visualisations & Immersive Design
  • Interior Design
  • Spatial Planning and Layout
  • Feasibility Consultancy

 “If you’re in a conservation area, this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. You either have to create something similar in character for subordinate design or go completely out of the box to differentiate between old and new”

How we work in this area

Our Architectural services in Kensington

Your dreams captured by our Kensington Architects

Our Kensington architects and planning consultants have extensive knowledge and experience dealing with the Royal Borough, with over 30 approved projects in the area throughout recent years. Known for its elegant town-houses, extensive royal and architectural heritage, and array of special land designations such as conservation areas and listed buildings, it is very likely that planning permission will be required to extend your home. Over the last decade, we have worked on a variety of projects in Kensington which has allowed us to build up our knowledge of the local planning policies, giving us the opportunity to guide you through the entire process from initial feasibility studies through to project completion. Specialising in residential extensions, but with a diverse portfolio including new build developments and commercial architecture, our Kensington architects are here to help.

Maximising space, not only for floor area, but also for improving the quality of your space and enhancing your lifestyle, is at the heart of Extension Architecture’s philosophy. Whether you envision an extension either above or below ground, Extension Architecture have the professional knowledge and experience to bring your ideas to life.

Did you know that Kensington suffered immensely during the Blitz in WW2, leading to much of the historic neighbourhood to be given a listed status? Having to obtain planning permission is therefore highly likely, and choosing an architect who understands the surrounding context is invaluable!

Working with Local Kensington Architects

Our team of Kensington Architects, Technologists, Project Managers, and Planning Consultants can provide professional services right from the initial concept design through to detailed interior design and kitchen design. Following this, we can further manage your project up to completion with our local, fully vetted construction professionals and offer competitive build quotes. No matter what the size or scope of your project, Extension Architecture is here to transform your house into a forever home.

Following an initial phone consultation, one of our experienced surveyors will visit your property to get the ball rolling. At this stage, we will work alongside you to develop the brief and ensure that our architects in Kensington can generate a feasible proposal that aligns with both your requirements as the client and the local planning authority. If you are looking for architectural services now, contact us directly to organise a free consultation and we can provide you with a personalised quote today!

Learn more about planning application of Kensington and get a quote

Get a Free Quote today or call us on 0203 409 4215

Learn more about planning application of Kensington and get a quote

Get a Free Quote today or call us on 0203 409 4215

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planning permission of your borough

We know your local area and the rule of planning permission of your borough

We’ve had more than 1600 successful planning applications approved since we started to help clients turn their dream home projects into a reality. We’re very proud of our success rate and how we can cater to all your planning needs. Take a look at some examples of the projects we were granted planning permission for in this case study..

expert planning consultancy

We provides a comprehensive range of expert planning consultancy services.

Your personal planning consultant will visit your property, home or office at a time that suits you and discuss your project in further details. Later the technician will come and complete a full site survey. Our teams then discuss and agree what works and changes could be included in.

residential Architecture Studio in London

We’re the leading residential Architecture Studio in London

We at Extension Architecture provide a wide range of project, development and management services. Whether dealing with fast track refurbishment projects or large- scale mixed use developments, we work closely with all partners from the outset to lay the required processes and structures in place to ensure timely delivery.

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