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How We Work

  • 1. Quote

    See our pricing guide or call us to get a quote for your building plans

  • 2. Measure

    Measure the floor plan of your house and sketch it out with dimensions

  • 3. Snap Sketch

    Take a picture of your sketch with your smartphone or scan it into your computer

  • 4. Snap House

    Photograph your house using your smartphone, camera or tablet computer

  • 5. Upload Files

    Upload or email your files to us and tell us a bit about the project

  • 6. Get Drawings

    Wait approximately 7 days, we will draft your drawings and start work on your final plans!

Once your building plans are ready, you will be asked for your final payment. If you want, we will submit the plans to your Local Authority at no extra charge!



Planning Applications

Planning drawings are the architectural drawings that must be submitted as part of any planning application. They are drawings for planning purposes only, and require manipulation when you come to the building stage. Our specialty at the Drawing and Planning is creating clear, precise and conclusive Architectural Planning Drawings at a Low Cost. Our drawings can be used as part of a planning application to your local council and then, after minor manipulation, by your builder.

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Building Regulation Drawings

Building Regulations are a set of rules with which builders are legally obliged to comply in the interest of public health and safety. Providing your builder works in accordance with our plans, you are assured that the Building Regulations will be satisfied.

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Site Survey

Your personal planning consultant will visit your property, home or office at a time that suits you and discuss your project in further details and complete a basic site survey. Following the site survey, we discuss in depth and agree what works and changes are to be included in your planning application.

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Tender Pack

Tendering is the process by which bids are invited from interested contractors to carry out specific packages of construction work. It should adopt and observe the key values of fairness, clarity, simplicity and accountability, as well as reinforce the idea that the apportionment of risk to the party best placed to assess and manage it is fundamental to the success of a project.

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Project Management

We at Extension Architecture provide a wide range of project, development and management services. Whether dealing with fast track refurbishment projects or large- scale mixed use developments, we work closely with all partners from the outset to lay the required processes and structures in place to ensure timely delivery. Our project management team are all experienced professionals with an architectural background.

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Architectural / Interior Design

Our core business is the delivery of excellent architecture and design: buildings and places that contribute to their context, communicate thoroughness and quality in their organisation and construction, and perform for their occupiers. We realise this for our clients by providing the full range of expert skills from feasibility to design, and through construction to occupation.

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