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In Extension Architecture’s method of work, from the initial feasibility study stage we research and only take on projects we feel are feasible and can work towards with the client to get planning put through. However, there are instances where planning is refused as we cannot always guarantee its approval. The most common form of planning appeal is against a local planning authority (LPA) refusing planning permission. This planning refusal can be for numerous reasons, but the Council must state these reasons and give planning policy justification accordingly.

What is a Planning Appeal

A planning appeal is the process whereby an applicant has the right to challenge and appeal against the decision of the officer. However, time is of the essence as there is a restricted period within which an appeal can be made, which is six months from the date of the decision notice to refuse or 12 weeks in the case of Householder Applications. In order to achieve the best chance of success an appeal needs to be made early. It is also beneficial to consider engaging professional help as the legal requirements and technical language utilised by the planning authorities. That confusion can lead to an appeal being dismissed rather than allowed.

Planning Appeals at Extension Architecture

Extension Architecture is a highly specialised group of planning consultants who focus on overturning refusals of planning permission. Combining the knowledge of qualified planners with on the ground experience, Extension Architecture can help advise with the process and find the best solution in which to appeal for your proposal, compiling the necessary evidence and documents to put forth for the appeal. We are accustomed to working with clients who have been refused planning permission and have had great success in overturning council decisions either via appeals to the planning inspectorate or revised, resubmissions to Local planning Authorities.In most cases the planning authority can be constructive in giving applicants the opportunity to amend the application before it is decided, and we can help get into a dialogue with the officers to obtain the best advice to get the planning approved. Again, it is dependent on the officer and the local authority so a refusal cannot always be avoided and can be time consuming in tackling.
Planning Appeals at Extension Architecture


Planning permission obtained for loft conversion to a mansard roof

The application site is residential, double-storey terraced house on the south-east side of Walmer Road. On the east side of the site there are many two to three storey residential and commercial developments. The proposal of the appeal site was a loft conversion to a mansard roof to improve the internal habitable space. As the Local planning officer was unwilling to negotiate to give approval for mansard roof, Extension Architecture advised that the decision be contested via an appeal. In reviewing the specific planning policies and considering the characteristics of the neighbourhood, we were able to get the approval for the planning application.


Steph Fanizza, Architectural Design & Team Manager

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