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Which PlotFinder Website Suits You?
The Definitive Guide

Choose a plotfinder website that's right for your build “How will I know which plotfinder site to use?   Paddle the stream of plotfinder sites with this guide as your raft   Table of Contents 1   Introduction 2   Where to Start 3   Which Plotfinder site fits your needs the best? 4   What would you need in a plotfinder site? 5   Ten Points to Look for in a good plotfinder site 6   List of Plotfinder ...

The Definitive Guide to:
How much a House Extension costs in 2018

“How muchwill akitchenextensioncost me?” Find out more     Introduction In this article we give guidance regarding the current cost indications for an extension.   Contents 1 ► Rule of Thumb 2 ► Cost Indicator 3 ► Cost Guide with Case Studies 4 ► Conclusion 5 ► Contact Us 6 ► Glossary as Footnote 7 ► Other Viewing   1 ► as a rule of thumb This year you would be looking at about:   ► London: ► rest of UK: £1,550 - £2,100 ...

What is the Party Wall etc Act 1996 and when does it apply?

The Party Wall etc Act 1996 governs certain types of work that a building owner (the person undertaking the construction works), undertakes to their property. The Act ensures that prior to commencing those proposed works, the building owner serves a Party Wall Notice upon the adjoining owner (the neighbour adjoining the construction works). The Party Wall Notice gives the adjoining owner the opportunity and legal right to appoint a Party Wall Surveyor to review the proposed works from the perspective of their pro ...

What does Brexit mean for home extensions in London?

What does Brexit mean for home extensions in London?

Economic uncertainty over the EU referendum decision reached in June last year hasn’t helped a host of pre-existing factors, like the sluggish rate of pay-rises in relation to inflation, that have slowed the predicted rate of increase in property value to the lowest level in four years (4.4% projected this year, to be exact, and 4.1% in 2018) according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research think-tank.

Why is Permitted Development so good for developers?

What is Permitted Development?

Well, in the simplest terms, it can save you both time and money when considering an extension to a residential property or even a conversion of a commercial premise into multiple living spaces.

Permitted Development rights allow for a number of changes to be made without a formal planning application, the permission being granted not by a local authority but by Parliament.


Planning Approvals for EA this Month!

It's been a busy month for Extension Architecture With upcoming construction phases for some of our exciting projects and planning approvals coming through, we have had positive responses from our clients! Check out all of our approved projects here or click on the photos below to view this month's planning approvals.  [supsystic-slider id=25 position="center"] Immersive Design We have also been having fun creating immersive designs for our clients, in order for them to really get a feel of what their project will lo ...

Christmas Greetings

  Yes, We are open   EA Battersea office open on  Dec 28th - 30th and Jan 3rd  9 AM to 6 PM     I hope you are well. We would like to wish you a very merry christmas and a lovely new year.   Best Wishes  Extension Architecture   FREE QUOTE REQUEST CONTACT US   ...
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