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Building Regulations

17 March 2016
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Eugene Kim







We can manage the whole process on your behalf, from the application 
& drawings to approval. 



After you receive your planning permission, you can begin your application for Building Regulations. We can really strengthen your proposal by including in the drawings all the following requirements:

  • accoustics
  • fire
  • health & safety
  • sanitary
  • thermal


You will have large scale plans of your design with elevations, sections, details about the construction logistics and material specifications. We can apply to Building Control on your behalf, and negotiate for you at the later stages.



In order to make sure the work follows Building Regulations, you will receive visits from the Building Inspector at key stages. Once the progress is complete, your Inspector will action your approval certificate, which – along with your notice of planning permission – are what a conveyancing solicitor requires to sell or buy any property.


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Our interior designers can inspire you about colour, texture and fixtures. Our team will guide you to reliable builders for peace of mind. We only recommend builders we have used and who have proven their work ethic. At this point, your design proposal will come to life.



By now you will have your permissions and a complete spec. for the shell of your development.

The interior design part adds styling and colour to your new build, and a very good finish. Obviously the main choices are yours, but our interior experts can be consulted as far as you wish for inspiration which will amplify and complement your original vision.

After our consultation, we will create drawings and schedules, together with specific information about the fixtures, fittings and construction.



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DO YOU NEED HELP with interior design?  Call Extension Architecture 0208 288 8950.




One of your biggest decisions is finding a builder that is right for you. Choose someone you are comfortable with in your home. We do recommend experienced builders whose work ethic we trust. Any extra cost for a good builder is worth it in the end.




We can help you to manage the Tender process, and to produce the tender drawings and spec.s required. We can usually recommend two or three builders for you to look at, or we can guide on how to choose your ideal builder. We also give advice about strong contract terms to protect you. Contracts should include:

  • Specific details on pricing, instalments, hours, insurance and their guarantee to you
  • A policy for the resolution of Disputes
  • Expectations of you and your builder during the works
  • Mutual obligations during the process
  • Protocol re any new additions to your proposal
  • What happens when the builder needs more time?


DO YOU NEED HELP Tendering & Choosing a Builder?  Call us 0208 288 8950.






This is the outcome of the architectural plans. We can manage your project and you will see your vision become reality.



During the last stage, as architects we can also manage your construction contract.

We will observe progress and visit the project for you, to make sure the build is being accomplished in tandem with the drawings and plans. We look for efficiency and professionalism.

Here are the responsibilities we cover:

  • Giving instructions
  • Handling queries from the contractor and you; the client
  • Obtaining your Project Certificate
  • Officialising payments
  • Setting up routine project meetings
  • Visiting your site
  • Being present during visits from the Building Inspector


DO YOU NEED HELP to manage and monitor your construction project? 

Call Extension Architecture 0208 288 8950.



Let us get you on the right track with our expert consulting right at the beginning of your
proposal concept.

You will become familiar with pricing for planning and design. This will help you avoid stress, loss of time and rising costs.





city-408952_960_720   See our new commercial site


If you have a commercial property to develop or refurbish, we offer the complete range of architectural services for commercial properties, including:
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Applications for Planning Permission
  • Design & Build
  • Interior Design & Finishes
  • Project Management


Further Reading on Building Regulations

LET US HELP YOU… we are an independent company with planning consultants, architects & interior designers under one roof.

We can guide you through the process with our advice and selection of services. Our success rate is 98%.

Why not call us today?  0208 288 8950  


Default Author image


Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim, Founder and Managing Director of Extension Architecture, has led the firm for over 14 years, consistently delivering quality solutions. His dedication has been key to the company's growth and success.
Default Author image


Eugene Kim

Eugene Kim, Founder and Managing Director of Extension Architecture, has led the firm for over 14 years, consistently delivering quality solutions. His dedication has been key to the company's growth and success.

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