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26 Lincoln Avenue; New Build

Project Description: Lincoln Avenue; New Build Project scope: Demolition of the existing detached house and erect a new semi-detached dwelling. Total construction area m²: 610 sqm Stage: Planning/BR/construction  Project Year: 2014   Project overview: From 2007 to 2011, 3 different firms advised our client for an erection of a two storey side and front extension. We gave the client a different vision of the project, pushing forward the potential of the plot. We suggested to demol ...

17 New Street Hill; Void Perspective, New Build, and Interior

Project Description: New Street Hill Project scope: Demolish existing property to erect a new 2 storey including a basement and loft with dormers. Original floor area: 189 m² Total construction area m²: 476 m² Construction cost per m² Or/ Total construction cost: Stage: Planning Project Year: 2019   Detailed project description: The proposal for the new build dwelling soughs to extend the family home to accommodate a growing family. The brief was to create a serie ...

Rear Extension with Lots of Natural Light in Croydon

BriefSingle Storey Side/Rear ExtensionCouncilMerton 2019Total Existing Area81 sqmTotal Proposed Area132 sqmCheck out the project images below!South Croydon ProjectHouses in the UK are often reflections of past users in outdated styles which we force ourselves to adapt to, compromising personal taste and convenience. In light of the demands of the modern lifestyle, Clients often approach us wishing to take control and adapt their houses into homes—as reflections of themselves and as strong responses to their needs. A recent ...
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