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26 Lincoln Avenue; New Build

Project Description: Lincoln Avenue; New Build Project scope: Demolition of the existing detached house and erect a new semi-detached dwelling. Total construction area m²: 610m² Stage: Planning/ BR/ Construction  Project Year: 2014 Project overview: From 2007 to 2011, 3 different firms advised our client for an erection of a two storey side and front extension. We gave the client a different vision of the project, pushing forward the potential of the plot. We suggested to demoli ...

17 New Street Hill; Void Perspective, New Build, and Interior

Project Description: New Street Hill Project scope: Demolish existing property to erect a new 2 storey including a basement and loft with dormers. Original floor area: 189 m² Total construction area m²: 476 m² Construction cost per m² Or/ Total construction cost: Stage: Planning Project Year: 2019   Detailed project description: The proposal for the new build dwelling soughs to extend the family home to accommodate a growing family. The brief was to create a serie ...
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