EA worked on Double Storey Extension with Skylights in Esher, Surrey. We delivered various drawings to our client who appointed us to design a front & rear double storey extension with a loft reconfiguration. There was much space available that was not used to its full usage,we demolished the family room and instead maximized the living area and instead making the rest of the space a sitting area, this way, the kitchen was maximized including some skylights in the plan to derive light whilst cooking and having a beautiful view of the garden; it brings a sense of privacy and nature.

Previously the utility room was at the side of the building with the boiler room adjacent to where the old kitchen space was but we moved the utility at the front with the refusal area.

On the 2nd floor we converted the en-suite bathroom to a dressing room as requested by the client and lastly we converted the attic to a loft conversion because the attic was being used for nothing.

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