A humble abode turned into a prospective natural paradise. This bungalow, housed in Fetcham’s Mole Valley, is to have a creative renovation with a single storey front and rear extension, a front porch extension, a loft conversion with raised ridge and rear dormers and a beautiful internal reconfiguration to bring in light to the house’s design. At first this started as a rear extension and loft conversion only, however after the client has discussed with our designer as to what they wanted to achieve; our expert knew more could be done to the home to fit the client’s needs. The client wanted to achieve a ‘wow’ factor with their house, making sure there’s a new internal configuration with a living room to kitchen open concept, a new bedroom in the loft as well as an aesthetically pleasing master bedroom.


The architecture of this house will make quite a transformation to a creative bungalow with a geometric design. The first change starts with the entryway, where our designer has created a symmetrical front to create seamless unison to the architecture. To make use of the nature surrounding this green belt area home, the design emulates the rear extension, where full-bodied windows will be installed to open up the home and make use of their beautiful garden whilst bringing light into the space. To ensure that the local planning authority accepted the renovations, our planning consultants split the planning permission application in two parts, as well as file for an ecological report to make sure that the planning procedure can go ahead smoothly, in order to protect any bats in the area. The rear extension will be topped with triangle beech roofing creating an aesthetically pleasing design.

Onto the internal reconfiguration, the home opens up to a central staircase leading to the newly renovated loft. To offer the option of an open plan concept, sliding doors will be installed alongside wall length windows across the house. The client wanted to create a new bedroom for their daughters and so an additional en suite bedroom was added in the loft making use of the space. In addition to this our designer managed to create a small guesthouse for their au pair with their own entrance attached to the home for some privacy. These changes are perfect for a bungalow, as they will allow the maximum light and space to be used in the home. From a 1960’s colourful design to a modern dynamic home, the bungalow can have up to a 60% proposed value increase depending on the finishes used throughout the home.


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