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The idea of building a new home would be a dream come true for most of us. However it could become like a bad dream if your architects or contractors are unprofessional or inexperienced. When vetting architects, it is a good idea find one with several years’ experience and their own trusted list of contractors. It may be worth finding an architects’ practice which has planning consultants in-house with experience of applications across London Planning Departments e.g. Redbridge, Haringey, Mole Valley, or Lewisham for your new build London plot. Also, do ask whether your architects can project manage the entire process so you can enjoy it more.


Party in the Kitchen

With new builds you can envision your home as you would wish, with the satisfaction of your own creation. If your architects have a large team, they will likely have expertise in spatial planning, interior design and 3D renders. You can plan an open living space which can be the family hub, regardless of how much time you are able to spend preparing food. Kitchens of today are often study corners for stay-at-home university students, or the best place for a game of cards or monopoly when their friends come to visit.

We have a new German Kitchen design service, so you can access really excellent quality and modern technical fittings, as well as bold or classical design themes. Thus you can build exactly what you need in terms of adequate storage, appliances and layout.


Have your Cake

This also applies to the rest of the house in terms of layout. You can state your wish list and good architects will use their knowledge of flow of movement and internal space design to create a fabulous living experience that can be as minimalist or opulent as you wish. [Incidentally, if your architects offer tender support and contract administration at the construction phase, you can have peace of mind regarding exact materials specified and possible disputes.]

The beauty of new builds is you can plan all the rooms on your wish-list, as opposed to juxtaposing your ideals within an existing property which seems too cramped. This may be part of the reason people decide to level a house and start over, rather than trying to remodel the old property on it.


Building for Revenue

Investors level and rebuild to flip the property instead of to create their own dream home. Whichever is your aim, have a look at our other article on new build architecture then call us for a free consultation if you are thinking of a new build: 0203 409 4215.

We also have a good blog on new builds which you can glance over.


Desirable Services

For New Builds

You should find an architects’ practice who is proficient in the following:


New Build Case Studies

Take a look at the new builds London below for inspiration, or get in touch to get in touch to discuss how we can help you with your ideas for either new plots or for improvements to an existing property.  


Case Studies of work we have completed along the way

See the full range projects we have completed for our satisfied customers: Click on the relevant icon below to find out more!

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